Saturday, 18 September 2010

Week one.

This will be a "day in life" sort of blog. I'm not used to blogging so bear with me for a while. I'm sure I'll be more efficient after a week or so.
I live about 20 miles from school so I have an hours journey every morning, divided between
Car, Train and a nice walk. Usually I have the train station to myself.

On my walk I pass some interesting graffiti. They have a "Tiki" feel to them so I'll store them away and maybe use them for inspiration later as a pendant

On Wednesday afternoon we had drawing class. I've never had formal art classes before so I was
really eager to see what was involved. We did lots of excercises based around assembled objects we brought in. I brought some sea shells and a crab claw. (I live near the beach). We drew them as we saw them, then with our eyes closed, without looking at the page ( oddly, harder than with eyes closed ) and so on...

On my walk home, I saw some things I found interesting. I like the contrast between the old red brick building and the new Apartment block in the distance. Brick/glass, dull/shiney, red/blue, old /new and so on...
There's also an art nouveau style design on a building just around this corner....

And on to the train station. I must show you this station in a future blog. It's been in loads
of movies where they need a really Victorian looking train station. This view is of St Lukes Church. It belongs to the city now and sometimes has Art exhibitions there. The windows were designed by Michael Healy. I've never been in it so I must make a point the next time I'm up there. (Henchys pub is just across the road, an excuse in itself to go up to St. Lukes !)

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  1. Nice. I'd love to see more of the train station.