Sunday, 26 September 2010

Week 2 !

I'm still not organised enough to Blog the way I want to !  I was going to take photo's of everything I did last week but camera battery is dead and the charger is not where it's supposed to be. (Not looking at anyone.)

So, last week we got a brief to design and execute a ring and incorporate the skills we learned the week. Before I show you a photo, I should say we've decided our class motto will be " Next time, I'll do it differently ". This comes from the self criticism skills we've perfected. So here's the brief and finished ring.

 On Tuesdays, we have a workshop with Chris Carrol who is a traditional Silversmith with a workshop in the city. With Chris, we do traditional apprentice excercises. In this case it was to make a Tea Caddy spoon. The point was to practice piercing (sawing) and pleinishing (hammering).

On wednesday we got a new brief, to make a ceremonial piece. Again we must use the new skills which are coming at us fast and furious. I thought of making a kind of Celtic Tiara but settled instead for a Binder. This is used in pagan marriage ceremonies to tie the wrists of the two vict... em, bride and groom together. It's still a work in progress. Our instructor gave me a crash course in repousse so I had a great time hammering out a spiral disc. I'm still evolving the finished look of the piece, so I'll have a photo soon. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying my walk to and from the train station everyday. Here's an old window above the Tikki graffiti I posted last time. I always liked that window and was glad to see them restore the building but with the economy coming to a grinding halt , so has the restoration.

I like this little flower design. It would look cool as a cabochon in a ring 


  1. Kier, I so enjoyed reading your blog, keep up the great work you genius, smiling....Trich